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Five Suggestions for Ensuring Safe Aquatic Activities With Your Pet

As the temperatures soar during the summer season, you and your beloved furry buddy are likely seeking relief in the water. Despite their association with swimming, not all canines—or pets in general—possess the innate knowledge of the “doggy paddle.” Thus, it is crucial to adopt appropriate measures to ensure your four-legged friend’s safety while engaging in aquatic adventures. Below are five valuable tips to safeguard your pet during swimming endeavors.

#1: Offer fresh drinking water

When your thirsty companion ventures into the pool or any other water body, there is a higher likelihood of them ingesting water contaminated with chemicals or impurities. Always provide an ample supply of clean water to quench your pet’s thirst before and after their swim.

#2: Secure your pet with a flotation device

If your pet will be navigating deep waters, it is advisable to equip them with a life vest instead of solely relying on their swimming abilities to keep afloat. Prior to entering the water, allow your pet sufficient time to familiarize themselves with the gear by having them try on the vest.

#3: Never leave your pet unsupervised in the water

Animals can become distressed when left alone in the water, thus it is crucial to maintain constant vigilance over your furry companion while they are swimming.

#4: Demonstrate how to exit the pool to your pet

In the event that your pet accidentally falls into the pool while you are absent, they may be unable to find their way out unassisted. Ensure the presence of a sturdy set of steps that your pet can utilize to climb out of the pool, and make sure they are acquainted with how to utilize them.

#5: Cleanse your pet after swimming

Following a dip in a pool or lake, your pet’s dense fur may accumulate chemicals, pathogens, as well as general dirt and debris. Thoroughly rinse your pet’s coat after their swim to prevent them from ingesting or grooming these contaminants from their body.

Accidents in and around bodies of water can occur, particularly if your furry companion leans in for a drink and lacks swimming skills. In the unfortunate event of a water-related emergency involving your pet this summer, do not hesitate to reach out to our team for assistance.