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Dental Pre-Op Form

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Dental Pre-Op Form

Brandon Lakes Animal Hospital Dental Pre-Op

Prior to any dental procedure an initial exam is performed on your pet and a treatment plan is provided to you for the anticipated services to be rendered. Please be advised the full extent of procedures recommended cannot accurately be determined until the patient has been anesthetized and a complete oral exam and radiographs are performed. On occasion, additional abnormalities are identified through this complete oral exam. Also, in some cases the amount of difficulty cannot be fully determined until the surgery has been initiated. In the event additional abnormalities are determined from the full exam it is our policy to advise the owner of the same at the time, as well as our recommendations, before proceeding further. Additional abnormalities revealed during the full oral exam may substantially increase the amount of the initial treatment plan. We will advise you of our opinion of the seriousness of the condition to aid you in making an informed decision to either instruct us to continue with all the procedures recommended or to terminate the procedure with only the services outlined in the initial treatment plan performed. In the event you choose to do the additional oral surgery procedures at a later date please be advised you will be charged an additional fee for anesthesia for the second procedure, and depending on the nature and extent of the procedures recommended you may be putting the health of your pet at risk.

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