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How to Stay Safe While Walking Your Dog

Don’t let hazards disrupt a delightful day! Make sure to join in and commemorate Take a Walk in the Park Day with your pup on March 30th. While out walking, however, be alert for potential issues that may arise. Keep an eye out for the following things while strolling with your canine companion.

#1: Other dogs

When running into another canine companion, it can be disastrous if either animal is overly-reactive and has broken away from their collar. Even dogs that are simply eager to meet your pup could pose a danger as they come bounding up; so observe your pet’s behavior closely to make sure they remain relaxed in the situation. Whenever possible, stay clear of parks when there may be more than one dog present to stave off any potential quarrels between an entire pack of animals. Be mindful and aware of other pooches on your walks for everyone’s safety!

#2: Parasites

Although parks are full of ideal prey for parasites like fleas, ticks, and mosquitoes, you can protect your pet from them by giving preventives year-round. Plus, always check your furry friend thoroughly when coming back home to make sure no pesky intruders were left behind!

#3: Traffic

When journeying to the park, vigilantly be aware of traffic, such as approaching cars and cyclists, or other pedestrians. To prevent mishaps from occurring, make sure your four-legged friend is close by you at all times. If a pet on an unlocked retractable leash runs into vehicular traffic it could have dire results; tangling around someone’s legs can result in falls; if your pup suddenly lunges for something like a squirrel the leash may snap off completely.

#4: Wildlife

As your pup sniffs around the park, they’ll no doubt come across a number of wildlife hideaways and resting places. While most animals will flee when humans or domesticated pets are close by, some may fight to protect their young or food sources if you get too near. Additionally, wild creatures often carry diseases and parasites, so it’s best not to disturb them needlessly.

Keep your pet safe and healthy when exploring the great outdoors by scheduling regular preventive care appointments. We are here to help you protect them from unwanted diseases and parasites – give us a call today!